Empowering hospitals by transforming operating expenses into new financial assets.
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Our Vision

HumanityCorp (“HC”) is a public benefit corporation dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes in the United States while providing attractive returns to impact investors.

The HC team has managed $184 Billion of financial assets, created $25 Billion of novel financial instruments, and created new procurement models in the global vaccine industry that saved 7 million lives.

As a country, we lead the world by spending 50% of the planet’s healthcare expenses while only being 4% of the world’s population, but unfortunately, we are far behind much of the world in health outcomes.

We believe that we can save 1,000,000 lives in the USA in the next 20 years.

This will cost a lot of money; to generate the financial resources to accomplish this, HC will do the following:

1) Enable hospital systems to generate both immediate and long-term new revenue streams by converting operating expenses into assets.

2) Generate returns for our impact investors.

3) Create new capital (after paying hospitals and our impact investors) to accelerate the adoption of proven technologies to improve outcomes for our country and save a significant number of lives.

Our first step in this journey is consolidating the management of the fragmented hospital supply chain.

The COVID experience has exposed many realities. We believe the time is right to aggregate hospital supply chain departments to provide greater influence, security, and accountability in the healthcare supply chain.

To unlock a trillion dollars of hidden value and create more stability, HC will begin acquiring manufacturers, service providers, and other vendors when enough purchasing power is aggregated.

Over the past six years, HC has heavily invested human and financial capital towards building a proprietary platform that can measure hospital spend data from an innovative and differentiated perspective. Please see our 4 min video for a snapshot of our technology.


For decades hospitals have realized savings and value from the rationalization of their supply chain, but what about the financial supply chain?

We generate new financial returns and savings for hospitals by tapping into a different dimension and capturing hidden opportunities from the enterprise valuations of private equity and Wall Street backed vendors.

We generate strategic opportunities that empower vendors to significantly improve their EBITDA and overall growth by leveraging our platform.

We are looking to transform the traditional Private Equity industry using a unique technology platform combined with a social mission focused on the economic gain of hospitals.

We do not compete with traditional Private Equity Funds, but rather we partner with PE funds to rapidly accelerate growth and revenue for select portfolio companies by leveraging our platform.

As a hospital advocate, we have a proprietary platform that enables your portfolio company to rapidly accelerate growth in revenue and EBITDA, while at the same time empowering hospitals.

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