Empowering hospitals by transforming operating expenses into new financial assets.
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Our Vision

HumanityCorp (“HC”) is a mission-driven investment company with $1 billion of capital allocated to spin out the procurement department in partnership with hospital systems. HC was founded in 2013 with a stated purpose of making impact investments that would transform and improve the healthcare supply chain.

We are actively seeking partnerships with hospital systems where we can provide immediate and significant financial benefit that is typically 20x to 30x the current value received from national GPOs while still maintaining compliance with national GPOs.

The HC team is comprised of proven and successful entrepreneurs who have founded a number of healthcare and specialty finance companies. The HC team has been responsible for more than $24 billion of financed transactions and created $55 billion of enterprise value for the companies HC team members have run. HC team members also consist of executives who are currently leading and have led prestigious foundations, procurement departments at Premier, Vizient and other aggregators. They have started, ran, managed and/or sold various healthcare services companies such as: Actavis, HHS, Cerner, Cognizant, Sunrise Senior Living and others.

Over the past six years, HC has heavily invested human and financial capital toward building a proprietary platform that can measure hospital spend data from an innovative and differentiated perspective. Please see our 4 min video for a snapshot of our technology.

HC has collected $60 billion of spend data from thousands of hospitals across the country and has identified strategies and specific transactions that will create new predictable, long-term cash flow from hospital expenses. The result is a more efficient and profitable procurement approach that puts greater power in the hands of health providers.


For decades hospitals have realized savings and value from the rationalization of their supply chain, but what about the financial supply chain?

We generate new financial returns and savings for hospitals by tapping into a different dimension and capturing hidden opportunities from the enterprise valuations of private equity and Wall Street backed vendors.

We generate strategic opportunities that empower vendors to significantly improve their EBITDA and overall growth by leveraging our platform.

We are looking to transform the traditional Private Equity industry using a unique technology platform combined with a social mission focused on the economic gain of hospitals.

We do not compete with traditional Private Equity Funds, but rather we partner with PE funds to rapidly accelerate growth and revenue for select portfolio companies by leveraging our platform.

As a hospital advocate, we have a proprietary platform that enables your portfolio company to rapidly accelerate growth in revenue and EBITDA, while at the same time empowering hospitals.

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