Empowering hospitals by transforming operating expenses into new financial assets.
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Our Vision

HumanityCorp is a new platform launched by a group of healthcare executives & entrepreneurs who have made, raised, invested, financed, and sold multiple public & private companies.

We have built a company focused on a humanitarian goal of creating unique financial opportunities for hospitals who spend a significant amount of resources treating the under privileged.

We believe that by focusing on our social mission, we will magnetize and auto-generate wealth as a byproduct. Through our proprietary technology enabled platform we create transactions that have a high IRR while at the same time creating significant social good.


For decades hospitals have realized savings and value from the rationalization of their supply chain, but what about the financial supply chain?

We generate new financial returns and savings for hospitals by tapping into a different dimension and capturing hidden opportunities from the enterprise valuations of private equity and Wall Street backed vendors.

We generate strategic opportunities that empower vendors to significantly improve their EBITDA and overall growth by leveraging our platform.

We are looking to transform the traditional Private Equity industry using a unique technology platform combined with a social mission focused on the economic gain of hospitals.

We do not compete with traditional Private Equity Funds, but rather we partner with PE funds to rapidly accelerate growth and revenue for select portfolio companies by leveraging our platform.

As a hospital advocate, we have a proprietary platform that enables your portfolio company to rapidly accelerate growth in revenue and EBITDA, while at the same time empowering hospitals.

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