Empowering hospitals by transforming operating expenses into new financial assets.
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Team Experience


of enterprise value creation
(healthcare vendors)


of unique financial instruments created


of asset management


lives saved by using creative procurement
models and strategic finance


of hospital spend data
reviewed to create the model

Our Vision

We are a public benefit entity with a singular focus on enhancing healthcare outcomes in the United States while offering attractive returns to impact investors and empowering hospital systems to convert their back-office cost centers into valuable financial assets.

The Model

HumanityCorp will do the following:

1) Enable hospital systems to generate both immediate and long-term new revenue streams by converting operating expenses into assets.

2) Generate returns for our impact investors.

3) Create new capital (after paying hospitals and our impact investors) to accelerate the adoption of proven technologies to improve healthcare outcomes for our country and save a significant number of lives.

Partnerships and Portfolio Companies

Team & Advisors

Abdul Hussein

Abdul is a business model inventor focused on creating significant social good through transformative business models which also produce attractive financial returns.

Abdul was the founder & CEO of Advent Health Partners(AHP). AHP’s mission was to help create a solution to the national financial crisis in which some 67% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses, despite a majority of those individuals having health insurance coverage. Underpayments, partial payments and outright denials of providers’ claims for their patients’ care were epidemic, and existing revenue recovery companies’ efforts to stem this tide had been woefully inadequate. Another approach was required, operating in a different dimension, utilizing different laws and focusing on different contracts than the providers themselves or the other revenue cycle vendors.

AHP’s revenue recovery operations were led by a select group of attorneys with unparalleled experience and expertise in provider recovery. AHP’s legal team had the experience of recovering provider denied claims exceeding $1 Billion. AHP was able to secure 10% of the US hospital industry with 550 hospital clients – 85,000 acute care beds. AHP won a landmark case against the largest healthcare insurance company in the US.

Abdul created a 300% IRR for all original investors.

Abdul is a business model inventor focused on creating significant social good through transformative business models which also produce attractive financial returns.

Abdul was the founder & CEO of Advent Health Partners(AHP). AHP’s mission was to help create a solution to the national financial crisis in which some 67% of personal bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses, despite a majority of those individuals having health insurance coverage. Underpayments, partial payments and outright denials of providers’ claims for their patients’ care were epidemic, and existing revenue recovery companies’ efforts to stem this tide had been woefully inadequate. Another approach was required, operating in a different dimension, utilizing different laws and focusing on different contracts than the providers themselves or the other revenue cycle vendors.

AHP’s revenue recovery operations were led by a select group of attorneys with unparalleled experience and expertise in provider recovery. AHP’s legal team had the experience of recovering provider denied claims exceeding $1 Billion. AHP was able to secure 10% of the US hospital industry with 550 hospital clients – 85,000 acute care beds. AHP won a landmark case against the largest healthcare insurance company in the US.

Abdul created a 300% IRR for all original investors.

John Woody

John, the founder of Financial Healthcare Systems, introduced a pioneering solution for patient estimation in hospital patient access. This market-leading solution empowered hospitals with enhanced point-of-service collections and a reduction in bad debt. In 2011, the company was successfully acquired by TransUnion.

Subsequently, John joined Eir Partners, a fund that exclusively concentrates on healthcare and healthcare technology. During his tenure there, he played a key role in generating an impressive average gross MOIC of 12X and an outstanding gross IRR of approximately 450%. These remarkable achievements were attained by contributing to a combined enterprise value of $10 billion.

Brett S. Carlson

Brett, the present CEO of Eir Partners, is dedicated to healthcare and healthcare technology investments. He has played a pivotal role in establishing, leading, and investing in companies like Equian, Claimlogic, and Cloudmed, collectively generating a healthcare enterprise value of $10 billion. Under his guidance, these investments have yielded an impressive average gross MOIC (Multiple on Invested Capital) of 12X and an exceptional gross IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of approximately 450%.

Dr. Michael Rock

Dr. Rock was the Chief Medical Officer at Mayo Clinic Hospitals/Mayo Foundation having transitioned in January 2014. In addition, he serves as a Consultant to the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Mayo; is a Professor of Orthopedics at the College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic; and has teaching/examining privileges in Biomedical Engineering at Mayo Graduate School. He continues an active surgical practice.

Dr. Rock served as Chair of the Institution’s Financial Analysis and Performance Committee and the Finance Committee. He also served as a member of the Mayo Rochester Board of Governors and Executive Operations Team. Dr. Rock served as CMO of Mayo Clinic Hospitals, and in this capacity, was a key member of Mayo Clinic’s Clinical Practice Committee. He is a member of Mayo’s Government Relation’s Board, which seeks to increase dialogue among national stakeholders to improve the health care delivery of the country. Dr. Rock is a member of Mayo Trustee Directed Payment Reform Coup and its Executive.

Dr. Rock was an active member with the AHA Section for Health Care Systems since 2003 and served as Chair in 2008. He was also a member of the AHA Board of Trustees from 2010-2012 and AHA Executive Committee from 2011-2012. Doctor Rock was Chairman of the AHA Physician Leadership Forum Advisory Committee from 2010-2012 and continues as a member of the Clinical Leadership Committee. In addition, Dr. Rock served on the AHA Long-Range Policy Committee in 2008 and was Chair of the AHA Leadership Council in 2009. He assumed the role of Chair of the AHA HRET Board of Trustees in 2013 and served as Co-Chair of the Committee on Research and Committee on Performance Improvement in 2015.

Dr. Rock received his bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, and later went on to receive a Doctor of Medicine cum laude from the same university. Dr. Rock did his post-graduate fellowship training in orthopedic oncology at The Rizzoli Institute in Bologna, Italy and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Abraham Mamood

Abraham is a strategic thinker who looks at existing business models and re-calibrates them to drive business growth.

He has previously served as a Vice President at Advent Health Partners (AHP) which was a revenue recovery company that was led by a select group of attorneys with unparalleled experience and expertise of recovering provider denied claims exceeding $1 Billion. AHP was able to secure 10% of the US hospital industry with 550 hospital clients/85,000 acute care beds and won a landmark case against one of the largest healthcare insurance companies.

He was also part of Bell Canada on special projects such as the execution of a shifting resources from a primarily on-site work model to an off-site workload and RBC Financial Group as a banker that led a team to create and improve industry KPIs that are being used to-date.


J. Douglas Holladay

Doug is a co-founder of Park Avenue Equity Partners, L.P., a private equity fund which makes equity investments in middle market operating companies and co-founder and general partner in Elgin Capital Partners LP, a private equity partnership focused on domestic energy development.

While Doug continues as an active investor, the main focus of his time is on several not-for-profit efforts, including PathNorth, which helps business owners and CEOs define success more broadly, and ABC2 (Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure), which is working to find a cure for brain cancer.

Doug was formerly a senior officer with Goldman Sachs. There, he worked in the Investment Banking Division on a range of matters, strategic and administrative, as well as on certain international transactions with a governmental component. He served as founding President of One to One Mentoring Partnership (Points of Light), an initiative of the New York financial community to bring imaginative solutions to some of our most pressing urban youth challenges, now known across the country as Mentor.

Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Doug held senior positions in the White House and US Department of State. After working under the White House Chief of Staff, James A. Baker III, Doug was appointed by the President to the personal rank of Special Ambassador, charged to coordinate major aspects of the U.S. public response to the challenges posed by South Africa prior to the dramatic release of Nelson Mandela.

Doug has served on numerous Boards, Councils and Presidential Commissions, including the Presidential Commission on Drug Prevention, Presidential Commission on Small Business, Harvard University Divinity for the Study of Values in Public Life among others.

Mr. Holladay holds degrees from the University of North Carolina, Princeton Theological Seminary and Oxford University in England as well as two honorary doctorates from Morehouse College and Nyack College. He serves as an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. Mr. Holladay played Division I Varsity Lacrosse as a UNC undergraduate.

Neil Jesuele

Neil was the American Hospital Association’s Executive Vice President of Leadership and Business Development and President of its For Profit Subsidiaries, Health Forum and AHA Services, Inc. Whilst there, he oversaw the development and growth of numerous companies, divisions and initiatives focused on governance (AHA Center for Healthcare Governance), quality and performance improvement (AHA Quality Center) , health information technology (National Alliance for Health Information Technology), health services research (Health Research and Education Trust), data, publishing and education (Health Forum, Inc), finance (Not-For-Profit Healthcare Investor Conference) and diversity and inclusion (Institute for Diversity) along with bringing Baldrige principles to AHA’s work processes. His earliest responsibilities were to reorganize and manage AHA Member Relations and develop the first AHA strategic plan and consolidated business plan.

Prior to that, he was at Johnson & Johnson and was instrumental in market development and strategic planning for J&J Hospital Services (now J&J Health Systems) which included working with a number of J&J corporate functions and was largely responsible for the seminal development of the J&J Business Development Council.

He has served on the Boards of the William and Mary Annual Fund, National Alliance for Health Information Technology, Health Forum, AHA Solutions, AHA Services, the AHA Center for Healthcare Governance, The Institute for Diversity and was the senior AHA executive at its governance committees–AHA Operations, Audit, Investment and Benefits.

He presently serves on the board of directors of Bioscape Digital, Inc., a patient engagement and satisfaction technology business and is an Advisor to AVIA, a health innovation and technology accelerator and Pivot Health Advisors.

Mr. Jesuele received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the College of William and Mary and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Executive education programs include: Duke Fuqua School, Northwestern Kellogg School of Management, and Harvard Business School.

Larry Schunder

Executive leader in information technology (CIO), healthcare information technology (CTO), cyber security (CISO), data loss prevention, data analytics, data analysis, application development and implementation. Forty-one years of experience building companies, executive teams and delivering measurable and quantifiable results. Equity owner in 5 companies. As a seated board member or executive/consultant presented to boards of directors, venture capitalist and private equity investors. Presentations focused on specified topics with return on investment analysis and measurable operational impacts delineated.

Hands on experience in over 45 mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, startups and joint ventures. Expanded growth in companies and divisions from start-up or fledgling entities to operations worth hundreds of millions in revenue with and eye on the bottom and top line. Focused on domestic companies and operations but experienced with start-up/subsidiary international operations and international acquisitions/divestitures in 16 countries over the last 30 years managing companies and teams of +3,000 employees. Named as one of 32 top healthcare CISO to watch in 2018 by Becker’s Hospital Review.

Hands on experience maximizing existing tools, software and vendor agreements to increase real value from existing expenses. Long history in developing and incorporating sound business practices into actionable projects, deliverables and return on investment analysis. A leader in cyber security with a proven 22-year record assembling and leading enterprise groups in best practices in the cyber security arena, with extensive emphasis in healthcare cyber security and cloud computing.

Worked as an officer or partner for large national and multinational corporations including but not limited to MTech, Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) and PHNS, with additional experience at LHP Hospital Group and Ardent Health Services.

Involved in the successful activation of over 200 enterprise wide technologies, security tools and strategies and Electronic Health Record (HER) applications. Maximized the features and functions of the selected technology stack or application while remaining on budget and on schedule.

Successful leader in contract negotiations both initial, Transition Service Agreements (TSA’s) and renewals. Vendors included but were not limited to Microsoft Azure, AWS, Cisco, Citrix, AT&T, CenturyLink, Altice, Cerecore, McKesson, Epic, Cerner, MediTech, McAfee, KnowBe4, Cylance and Dell/EMC. Price and contract terms were always a top priority. Post signing, worked to ensure companies expeditiously installed and maximized all aspects of the contract or software.

Graduate University of Texas (Austin)
Previous Vice-Chair of Make-a-Wish Foundation of North Texas

Chris Dadlez

Chris has over 30 years of experience successfully leading large healthcare organizations in five different states. Chris is a dynamic executive known for vision, strategy, and innovation with a proven track record of successfully leading complex organizations.

Most recently, Chris served as President and CEO of Trinity Health Of New England, a 5- hospital, regional health system with ~$2 billion of revenues.

Prior to that, Chris served as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Saint Francis Care, which later merged with Sister’s of Providence Health System in Springfield, MA to form Trinity Health Of New England.

Chris has been very passionate about his goal of eliminating health care disparities in the underserved communities. On a national level, he was a member of the American Hospital Association Equity of Care Committee. He helped develop the Connecticut Hospital Association’s state-wide collaborative on eliminating health disparities. Most notably, he is very proud of his efforts to eliminate prostate cancer in African American men in the greater Hartford area with the establishment of the Curtis D. Robinson Men’s Health Institute.

Chris is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. He has held leadership roles in the American Hospital Association, Connecticut Hospital Association, Alliance of Independent Academic Medical Centers and is a member of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Chris earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at the University of New Hampshire and his Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration at the Medical College of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University. He was awarded two honorary Doctorate Degrees in Humane Letters from the University of Hartford in May 2013 and the University of Saint Joseph in May 2014.

David Bernd

David was most the CEO of Sentara Healthcare for 21 years. Under his leadership, Modern Healthcare recognized Sentara four times as the nation’s #1 Integrated Healthcare System and as the only health care system in the nation to be named in the Top 10 for 15 years.

David assumed the CEO position in 1995, when Sentara was a $600 million system with four hospitals, a newly formed 63-physician medical group and a 143,000-member health plan. While at the helm, David transformed Sentara into the largest health system in Virginia based on revenue of $4.7 billion, multi-state, integrated system with 12 hospitals, four medical groups with 900+ providers, a 450,000+ member health plan, and life care and home care services.

Among other things, David is most proud that:

Sentara was the first healthcare system in the world to implement an eICU.
Sentara was named as one of the Top Wired Healthcare Systems for four consecutive years in Hospitals and Hospital Networks.
Eight Sentara hospitals earned the highest grade of “A” for delivering safe care to patients according to the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Scores (2013)
Sentara was recognized as one of the Top 10 Health Systems in the U.S. by the National Committee for Quality Health Care (1994).
He has a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary and a master’s degree in hospital and health administration from the Medical College of Virginia.

John Jones

John W. Jones, Jr. is a partner and chair of the Health Care Transactions and Regulatory Practices of the Health Sciences Department of Pepper Hamilton LLP, resident in the Philadelphia office. He is a past member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Additionally, he leads the firm’s Health Care Transactions Practice, Acute Care and Hospitals and Health Systems Practice, Group Purchasing and Buying Cooperative Practice, Long-Term Care Organizations and Pharmacy Industry practices, and is a member of the White Collar and Corporate Investigations Practice Group. Mr. Jones concentrates his practice in corporate and health care matters. Mr. Jones represents financial sponsors and health care providers and suppliers throughout the supply chain on a wide range of corporate, M&A and regulatory and compliance issues. On the acute care side, he has significant experience ‎in nonprofit and for-profit health system affiliations, member substitutions and strategic transactions.

Specifically, Mr. Jones represents public and private companies with a national presence in M&A and commercial transactions involving medical and pharmaceutical supply chains and group purchasing and acute and post-acute providers (including pharmacy, rehab, home health and hospice) with a specialized expertise in federal and state health care regulations, including fraud and abuse and anti-referral (Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark). Mr. Jones has been representing health care providers and suppliers, on the transactional and regulatory side for more than 20 years. He has significant experience in M&A, compliance, regulatory and structural governance matters. He has brought the health care M&A and regulatory skill set into one practice, creating significant efficiencies for clients on deals. He represents private equity funds and their portfolio companies, venture capital firms, hospitals and health systems, retail, specialty, combo, and long-term care pharmacies, group purchasing organizations (GPOs), networks and aggregators, physician practice management companies, long-term care organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device companies, vendors and suppliers, hospitals and health systems and specialty hospitals, medical staffs, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), outpatient diagnostic centers, including MRI and lithotripsy centers, biotechnology companies, research institutions and laboratories, contract research organizations (CROs), including information technology companies, management and consulting companies, third-party administrators, staffing companies and other health care organizations. His experience handling white collar matters, including audits and investigations, provides significant value on the M&A side and with other corporate transactions.

Mr. Jones has represented and advised on:

  • $750 million+ equity investment in an outpatient pharmacy management company
  • $500 million+ acquisition of an inpatient pharmacy management company
  • $3.1 billion sale of a national assisted living company
  • $500 million+ acquisition of a national pharmacy
  • $1 billion+ sale of a group purchasing organization
  • regional health systems affiliation
  • health system physician roll-ups
  • Cleveland Clinic’s formation of the first clinically based GPO
  • cancer hospital in disposition of cancer center
  • Senior Care Centers (TX) in several complex, $100 million+ strategic transactions in the skilled nursing facility and post-acute care space, including pharmacy and home health
  • $100 million+ sale of a urology practice management company
  • $120 million sale of a rehabilitation provider
  • private equity sponsor’s investment in a radiology services company
  • multiple physician joint ventures with a national dialysis provider
  • $1 billion sale of a national institutional pharmacy to a private equity sponsor
  • $500 million merger of national oncology groups
  • $100 million+ sale of dental practice management company
  • $150 million+ consolidation and sale of OB/GYN practice management company
  • $100 million+ merger of national pharmacies
  • several $25 million+ provider/supplier acquisitions and dispositions.

Mr. Jones also counsels health care companies throughout the supply chain on company formation, organization, governance and risk management issues. Additionally, his practice includes counseling these organizations on corporate planning, finance and structuring of transactions, including mergers, acquisitions (including platform add-ons and roll-up acquisitions) and dispositions, joint ventures, restructuring and reorganizations, and collaborations, partnering arrangements and strategic alliances. He has significant experience in regulatory issues impacting commercial health care transactions. These generally include issues under fraud and abuse laws, (including the federal Anti-Kickback Statute), Stark, civil monetary penalties law, false claims act, health care fraud statutes, HIPAA, as well as billing, reimbursement and claims issues, including issues under Medicare Parts A, B & D, Medicaid and commercial payor requirements. Regarding reimbursement, Mr. Jones also counsels health systems and physician groups on corporate compliance, national and local coverage decisions, GME and teaching physician rules, documentation issues, assignment and reassignment rules, supervision requirements, “incident to” rules, E&M guidelines, private contracting, independent contractors and reimbursement appeals.

Mr. Jones also has experience with traditional health care issues, such as hospital-physician relations, including exclusive contracts and medical staff privileges and credentialing (including economic credentialing and pay-for-performance issues), non-profit and reserved power issues, attorney general and orphan’s court issues and procedures, certificates of need and licensure, professional courtesy and patient rights issues, including care access and delivery issues. Additionally, Mr. Jones represents providers and suppliers in connection with negotiating and drafting managed care agreements. He also has experience with the unique issues facing academic medical centers and nonprofit health care institutions and with the legal issues presented by new health records and electronic medical information technologies, including informatics and e-commerce, telemedicine, electronic health records and electronic medical communications. Mr. Jones counsels product manufacturers and life science companies, including biotechnology companies on a range of investment, governance, contractual and regulatory issues and represents sponsors, academic institutions, researchers, investigative sites, and CROs in the preparation of protocols, informed consent and authorization forms, collaborative research agreements and counseling these organizations on compliance issues under applicable HIPAA and FDA requirements.

Mr. Jones is a member of the adjunct faculty at Drexel University Kline School of Law, and teaches the Health Law Practicum in the Health Law Concentration, to upper level students. He also is a member of the Health Law Concentration’s Board of Advisors.

Mr. Jones speaks and writes frequently on health-related topics. He is a contributing editor to Physicians News Digest, a regular contributor AHLA’s Health Law Digest, and he was a contributing author to Guide to Medical Privacy and HIPAA (Thomas Publishing Group, 2002) and The Health Laws of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Bar Institute (2000). He has been on the faculty of the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, the Health Law Institute, Medical Education Services, the Medical Records Institute and Lorman Education Services for programs on HIPAA privacy and security.

During law school, Mr. Jones worked as a law clerk and as a health policy intern at the Pennsylvania Department of Health, where he co wrote “Department of Health – Powers and Duties under Pennsylvania Law” (rev. 1996).

John Finan

Executive Emeritus
Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, Inc.

John J. Finan, Jr. has over 50 years of experience in healthcare leadership and operations.  He has held senior positions in the Midwest and in Louisiana and is active in many professional organizations.

Mr. Finan is a former Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Catholic Health Association, former member of the American Hospital Association Board of Trustees, was Chair of the Operations Committee and a member of the Executive Committee. He is a former Board Chair of the VHA Health Foundation and member of the VHA Board of Directors, and a former member of the Board of Directors of the Council for a Better Louisiana.  Mr. Finan served as Chair of the Board of Trustees of Loyola University in New Orleans, and as Vice Chair of the Mercy Health System Board of Directors in St. Louis.  He is also a member of the Board of the Public Affairs Research Council, and is a former Chair of the Louisiana Association of Business Industry Board of Directors.  He also served as Chair of the Board of Governors at the Clinical Center at the NIH.

He has held academic appointments at Southern Illinois University, Washington University School of Medicine, University of Alabama School of Health Related Professions, and The George Washington University.

Mr. Finan received his BS degree from Louisiana State University at New Orleans and his MBA from Loyola University of New Orleans. His professional interests include strategic planning, process improvement, leadership development and cost management.  He and his wife of 50 years, Patty, have a wonderful family of 3 children, a daughter-in-law, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren.  Mr. Finan and his wife reside in Covington, Louisiana.

Doug Drysdale

DOUG DRYSDALE was the global head of M&A at Actavis, closing 15 transactions totaling approximately $1bn, doubling the size of the business during his tenure. Then, as founding CEO of Alvogen, he took company from inception to over $450mm of sales in 36 countries in five years. His career spans 28-years where he has spearheaded several hundred pharmaceutical and biotech transactions, a CNS development company, has brought low cost medicines to U.S. consumers, and has served as CEO of both private and public companies.

Bryant Mangum

Bryant, most formerly at Premier, Inc as the Chief Pharmacy Officer, led a ~$10 Billion integrated pharmacy program mostly for not-for-profit hospitals and large integrated networks. In this role, Bryant developed a unique private label program and managed the relationships between the manufacturers and Premier hospital members. Prior to Premier, Bryant served as a senior leader within pharmacy services at various not-for-profit and for-profit hospitals and health systems around the country where had converted individual site purchasing into centralized functions, increased formulary rebates by 30%, increased compliance to almost 100%, increase revenue by 100%, created tools that monitor inventories and many more. He currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the University of North Carolina (also his alma mater) Pharmacy School as well as it’s Foundation.

Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray was the Co-CEO of Bridgewater Associates, responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the firm and leading the transition of the firm from a founder-led company to a partnership with Co-CEO David McCormick. During her tenure at Bridgewater, Eileen has led several key strategic initiatives, including: the conception and execution of the innovative tri-party outsourcing model for all Bridgewater clearance and settlement functions in partnership with BNY Mellon and Northern Trust; oversight of Bridgewater’s long-term real estate needs and fulfillment strategy; the establishment of a new operating model for the firm’s enablement functions, including finance, HR and facilities; as well as the establishment of the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.

Eileen joined Bridgewater in 2008 before becoming Co-CEO in 2014. Prior to joining Bridgewater, Eileen held senior leadership roles at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse during her two decades-plus tenure in the financial services industry, including serving on both firm’s management and executive committees. She was also appointed the first female member of Credit Suisse’s executive board.

Eileen launched her professional career at Morgan Stanley in 1984 and held the positions of Controller, Treasurer as well as Chief Operating Officer for the Institutional Securities Group, one of the largest and most successful global sales and trading platforms in the industry. In 2002, she joined Credit Suisse as Head of Global Technology, Operations and Product Control and member of the firm’s management and executive board. She returned to Morgan Stanley in 2005 as Head of Global Technology and Operations. Following her second stint at Morgan Stanley, Eileen served as the President and management committee member of Duff Capital Advisors, before joining Bridgewater.

Eileen is a board member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) as well as the Irish Arts Center (An Claidheamh Soluis). She has also served as a board member for the Business Council for International Understanding, the YMCA of Greater New York, the Argonne National Laboratory at the University of Chicago, the Inwood House in Upper Manhattan, Hewlett Packard, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation Board (DTCC), OMGEO, Manhattan College and the American Women’s Economic Development (AWED) Corporation.

Over the course of her career, Eileen has received many prestigious recognitions for her industry leadership as well as for her extensive philanthropic work. Most recently she became the first female in Manhattan College’s history to receive the College’s De La Salle Medal of Honor. She also recently received the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization Pioneer Award in Finance at the United Nations. Other notable acknowledgements include: The Lifetime Achievement Award from Markets Media as well as being named one of the 50 Leading Women in the hedge fund industry by The Hedge Fund Journal, one of the 20 Most Powerful Non-Bank Women in Banking by U.S. Banker and one of the 100 Best and Brightest Leaders by Irish America Magazine. She has also been named an Afterschool Champion by the Partnership for After School Education as well as given the Women’s Bond Club Merit Achievement Award, the Legal Momentum’s Aiming High Award, the Urban Stages Humanitarian Award and the YMCA of Greater New York’s Arts and Letters Award for Outstanding Leadership.

Eileen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and an Honorary Doctoral Degree from Manhattan College.

Tony Burke

Anthony (Tony) Burke is an inspirational entrepreneurial leader who transforms legacy and emerging organizations through vision, innovation, and thoughtful execution. He stimulates and drives the exploration of new possibilities and brings them to fruition. He sees around corners, disrupting stagnation and creating growth. Tony focuses on developing strategic branding while building powerful partnerships to deliver revenues and profits. He is a motivational and passionate team leader who energizes others to accomplish exceptional performance in planning, business development, sales and marketing.

Tony applies his more than 30 years of business and consulting experience, transforming teams toward generative corporate lifestyle habits that create more agile/adaptive cultures for the sake of better business outcomes.
– managing complexity, polarities and introducing change
– inspiring others towards a challenging future vision
– building consensus and commitment
– leading across generations
– winning the transition

Tony is a results-driven executive and top corporate officer with a demonstrated track record of achievement in transformational management, business strategy, marketing, entrepreneurship and cross-functional team leadership. Established capabilities in profit/loss management, innovation best practices and customer experience.

He is adept at piloting organizations through strategic inflection points to a position of strength and advantage (while simultaneously nurturing the financial health of the core business). Tony specializes in empowering enterprise-wide focus on essential customer-centric business capabilities, brand positioning initiatives, marketing strategies and execution in multiple industries.

Tony is the CEO of Pivot Health Advisors, a management consulting firm committed to advancing commercial products/services that help advance and evolve the U.S. health system. The team serves as Advisors, consultants and partners with companies that are seeking to understand and navigate the complexities of the health care market. As former C-suite executives from major health systems, rural hospitals and national industry organizations, Pivot is uniquely positioned to guide companies toward the quadruple aim in health care.

Most recently, Tony served on the executive committee of American Hospital Association (AHA) as senior vice president and also served as president and CEO of both AHA Solutions, Inc., and AHA SmartMarket, Inc., AHA for-profit subsidiaries.

During his nearly 20-year tenure with the AHA, Tony formed and advised more than 250 strategic/collaborative partnerships under the AHA brand, providing significant value to health care providers and turning the endorsement into a valuable differentiator for products and services serving health care.

A serial entrepreneur, Tony also created the National Healthcare Career Network launched in 2009 and has since aligned more than 320 professional associations and specialty societies to address the nation’s health care workforce shortages. He also spearheaded the development of AHA SmartMarket, an online platform designed to connect health care professionals with their peers and experts in the field.

Prior to AHA, Tony counseled clients at one of the world’s leading marketing/communications firms and managing financial communications for Sara Lee Corporation, a Fortune 50 consumer product company in Chicago. Tony was principal of his own marketing consulting firm in Chicago, where he counseled AHA Solutions, as well as other local and national organizations.

Tony earned his degree in marketing from California State University at Fullerton. He is Senior Fellow of the Healthcare Research and Educational Trust (HRET) and is a member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, Health Care Compliance Association and the American Society of Association Executives. He is also a certified Executive Coach and Innovation Black Belt.

In 2009, Tony launched the ProActive Kids Foundation, a private 501(c)3 foundation to address the social, health, and personal issues related to childhood obesity in local communities. In this capacity, he also serves on several advisory boards for organizations focused on child health and obesity.

Tony lives in Geneva, IL and has three daughters, Alexandra, Claire and Gabrielle. In July 2012, he married Nicole (Nicki) Klinkhamer, a marketing consultant. Nicki is now also serving as executive director of the ProActive Kids Foundation. In his spare time, he enjoys motorcycles, golf and tennis.

Dr. Raj Shah

Dr. Shah brings over twenty years of experience in business, government, and philanthropy to The Rockefeller Foundation. Appointed as USAID Administrator by President Obama in 2009, and unanimously confirmed by the Senate, Dr. Shah was charged with reshaping the $20 billion agency’s operations to provide greater assistance to pressing development challenges around the globe. By elevating the importance of innovation, promoting public-private partnerships, rethinking internal practices, and shifting how dollars were spent to deliver stronger results, Shah secured bipartisan support that enabled USAID to dramatically accelerate its work to end extreme poverty. Despite partisan gridlock on many issues, two significant Presidential priorities – Feed the Future and Power Africa – passed the House and Senate with bipartisan support and were signed into law by President Obama, and the Global Food Security Act is the second largest global development legislation after PEPFAR. Shah’s work delivered results for countries facing democratic transitions, post-conflict situations, and humanitarian crises, and is widely credited with providing life-saving access to food, health, and water for millions of children across the planet.

When Dr. Shah left USAID in 2015, he continued to follow his passion for creating opportunities for communities to thrive in the developing world by founding Latitude Capital, a private equity firm focused on power and infrastructure projects in Africa and Asia. He was also appointed a Distinguished Fellow in Residence at Georgetown University.

Raised outside of Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Shah is a graduate of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, and the Wharton School of Business. Prior to his appointment at USAID, Shah served as Chief Scientist and Undersecretary for Research, Education and Economics at the United States Department of Agriculture. He also served in a number of leadership roles at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he helped launch the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (a joint venture by the Gates and Rockefeller foundations) and the International Financing Facility for Immunization (credited with raising more than $5 billion for childhood immunizations worldwide) and where he supported the creation of the Global Development Program. He and his wife, Shivam Mallick Shah have three children.

John Biggers

John was formerly at Premier, Inc as the CEO for S2S Global, Premier’s wholly owned subsidiary responsible for direct sourcing.

John has more than 28 years of experience in business administration, health care management, physician relations and financial management. Prior to his position at S2S Global, he served as Premier’s Sr. VP of Group Purchasing Services, overseeing the strategy development and contract negotiations for over $44 billion in contracted volume.

Prior to his executive management role responsible for the GPO, he served in an administrative role with Premier Clinical Laboratory and Imaging Services, responsible for contracting strategy and operations.

Prior to Premier’s formation, Biggers was director of corporate accounts for the former SunHealth Alliance, based in Charlotte, NC. His responsibilities included contract negotiations and vertical relationship integration between business partners, Premier and the entire supply chain.

He received his master’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and completed a post-graduate Executive Development Program conducted by Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

Todd Linden

Linden became president and CEO of Grinnell Regional Medical Center (Grinnell, Iowa) in 1994 and retired on December 31, 2017. Prior to moving to Grinnell, Linden was the administrator of Green County Medical Center (Jefferson, Iowa) for nearly six years, launching his CEO experience at just age 28. He received both his Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Iowa and is a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. He is currently leading the integration of GRMC into UnityPoint Health and transition to new leadership into 2018 and is now focused on expanding Linden Consulting.

Linden Consulting specializes in advising organizations seeking to improve the healthcare system in America by innovating and solving problems in the delivery system. Clients include Bioscape Digital, CuVerro, SmartScipts and So Sound Solutions; all companies advancing the quadruple aim of enhancing the patient experience, reducing cost, improving the health of the community and restoring the joy in caring. Linden also presents at national conferences and state hospital association meetings covering topics of leadership effectiveness, governance excellence, quality and safety improvement, and creating a culture of innovation. Linden Consulting focuses on working with governing boards on process improvement, best practice development, retreat planning and facilitation and building optimal trustee / executive relationships. Other areas of expertise include strategic planning, facilities development, executive performance, philanthropy improvement, and innovation cultivation.

Under his leadership the past 24 years, Grinnell Regional enjoyed dramatic growth. Known nationally for its innovation, GRMC has the newest generation da Vinci surgical robot and its Bariatric Center of Excellence is one of the largest weight reduction centers in Iowa. GRMC has been cited by The Washington Post and USA Today for its optimal healing environment and by AARP Magazine as one of America’s Safest Hospitals. Collaborative research with Grinnell College at GRMC resulted in a study showing use of copper alloy touch surfaces in patient rooms dramatically reduced bacteria load and therefore reduced the chance for the spread of infection. Cited in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, along with over 120 other publications, this study is changing the way hospitals are thinking about keeping their patients safe. Other innovations included the establishment of a community fitness and wellness center, imbedded in the medical center in 1996 and creation of an integrated medicine center in 2002.

Since coming to Grinnell in 1994, Linden has received numerous honors including the University of Iowa’s “Outstanding Alumni Award”, the Iowa Hospital Association’s “Excellence in Leadership Award”, “The 50 Rural Hospital CEOs to Know” by Becker’s Hospital Review, “The Board of Trustees Award”, by the American Hospital Association and most recently the “The Patriotic Employer Award” by the US Department of Defense. He has had the opportunity to testify in the U.S. House, the U.S. Senate, and special conferences with both President’s Clinton and Obama on health care and economic development issues.

Linden, widely recognized as expert in rural healthcare and health improvement, he served on the American Hospital Association’s Board from 2000-2005 and the National Rural Advisory Committee for the US Department of Health and Human Services 2007-2011. He currently serves on the boards of the Health Forum, Grinnell College and the University of Iowa College of Public Health. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Iowa, as well as a regular faculty for the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Stephen Older

Stephen is co-chair of the McGuireWoods Capital Markets subgroup of the firm’s Financial Institutions Industry Team. He is a member of the firm’s Board of Partners, Opinions Committee and Pension Committee.

He focuses his practice on corporate and securities law, with a concentration on public offerings and private placements. He also maintains an active practice representing hedge and private equity funds in transactions, as well as trading and general advice. In addition, Stephen has been involved in numerous private and public mergers and acquisitions transactions.

Prior to joining McGuireWoods, Stephen worked for a large international law firm representing a wide range of publicly and privately held commercial, industrial and financial enterprises. He frequently speaks and writes on corporate law issues, and is AV Peer Review Rated, Martindale- Hubbell’s highest peer recognition for ethical standards and legal ability.

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